How To Adjust The Work Area For Rendering In Adobe After Effects

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In this tutorial I explain how to adjust the work area rendering in Adobe After Effects.

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  1. have another issue with AE,

    after im done with a movie and have rendered it – its saved as a normal AVI-file, but when i play it, it has to load a crap-amount of time, just for even a 5second-long movie.. its horrible, the same clip that i used, before i had it in AE doesnt have to buffer/load and it was over 1minute long,,, just wtf is AE all about? :O

  2. @hvalrosshelvete You're welcome! For you question, when you preview rendering in After Effects the software has to go through the information first. When it's complete or you stop it you can go through that portion of video and the preview will play normally.

  3. Great video, thanks, very quick response one could say^^

    One more thing, im very new to AE and i use it to make effects to BF3-recordings.. when playing a preview it takes very long time for the videos to become smooth.

    This is since its just to check out how an effect worked out. Do i need some NASA-computer to make things work smoothly? :O