FIRE BLAST!! (Adobe After Effects) High Quality




Damn, blew a giant hole in my dining room…

Naw, but in all seriousness, here’s my first attempt at…


  1. Its a little too corny.. hmmn..
    the glow.. add glow..
    and by add glow I mean on you..
    since the ball lights up, reflected light should be on you too..
    you can do that back making a solid and changing the blend mode of the solid into classic color dodge..
    then mask our the parts where you don,t need the light to reflect..

    then adjust the the opacity of the solid to how much you want it to glow the subject.

    Good luck with your next vids..
    P.S. Google Andrew Kramer. and watch his tutorials…?

  2. Well, there's not much impact in it. You should add a little camera shake in the beginning, you should faster the animation of the noise in your energy ball. You should increase the amount of the blur too. If your using motion tracking, don't. It's because it looks a little weird. The animation of the blast off is a little slow, so you should make it faster. BTW, after effects is a great application.?